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Supplying innovative and latest design of Covid-19 Protective products, we are the Anti-Germs Wipes supplier in Malaysia.

Product Code : HI 604N
Product Category : Hygienic Care
Product Description: Anti-Germs Wipes
Cloth Size : 15 cm x 20 cm
Contain: 10 sheets

The Anti-Bacterial Wet Tissues is great for outdoor where soap and water is not readily available.

• Gentle enough to use on the hands, face and keep you and your little one bacteria free
• Kills 99.9% of all germs & Bacteria
• No Alcohol
• No Paraben
• No Formaldehyde
• No SLS
• No Chlorine

Why you need Anti-Germs wipes?
– Easy and convenient to carry
– Protect you from a wide range of unseen germs
– Soft, textured fabric gently cleanses your skin without irritation
– Leaves your skin feeling fresh with a light fragrance after use


Kindly send us an inquiry if you are interested in the premium gift above. We will reply you at the soonest.

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